Friday, July 23, 2010


So, no federal climate-and-energy bill until after the November elections.

As you may have read, the Democratic leadership shopped the carbon-cap bill around the Senate, did a head count, discovered that the Republicans didn't like the bill, and decided to let it go.

Oh well, thank goodness it's not urgent (please forgive the sarcasm).

Where does our own Senator Scott Brown stand on climate change? It's hard to tell. Yesterday evening, during a Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) meeting in Worcester, I called Nat Hoopes, the senator's legislative assistant in DC, and left a voicemail asking whether Senator Brown would support a comprehensive climate-and-energy bill. No word back yet.

According to UCS, when he was a state senator Scott Brown was pretty good on environmental issues. But (as I blogged) during the special election candidate Brown claimed that climate-change was something scientists had yet to reach agreement on. Now, I suspect, he's moved on to full-blown denialism, especially since he voted for an amendment that would have stripped the EPA of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases. But I live in hope and would welcome a reassuring call from the senator's office.

Do you share my curiosity about Scott Brown's voting intentions? Would you like to know whether he would support a carbon-cap bill that would bring clean-energy jobs to Massachusetts?

Here's the number to call: 202 224 4543. Ask for Nat Hoopes, Senator Brown's legislative assistant who is handling the issue. If you do manage to speak with him, please let me know.

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Dorothy Carlo said...

Peter, I asked fr Nat Hoopes, but I was told that Scott Brown's assistant was busy at the moment, so I gave them my contact information and ws told that someone would be getting back to me.