Monday, March 19, 2012

Greens battle fossil foolery in Australia

As Greens in the United States wrangle with fracking, we can learn a thing or two from our counterparts in Australia. Greens like Senator Larissa Waters are trying to put the brakes on the rush to extract coal seam gas (CSG), the latest fossil foolery to hit New South Wales and Queensland. CSG is not the same as shale gas exactly, as this article explains, but both are forms of natural gas that exacerbate climate change.

Senator Larissa Waters (Green)
Waters, a Canadian-born environmental lawyer, won her seat in 2010. Since then she has been pressing for a Senate inquiry into the impacts of CSG but so far the state government has refused, despite the fact that two-thirds of Queenslanders agree with putting CSG extraction on hold.

Here's a video of Senator Waters explaining why Greens are standing with farmers in their struggle with the mining companies.

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